Andrew Willcox is a born and bred North Queenslander who knows what matters in this region because he’s lived it and breathed it.

He’s a third-generation tomato farmer who understands the land and knows how to get his hands dirty. 

He’s a father, a family man, a small business owner and a community leader.

And as Mayor of the Whitsundays, he’s led the way in fighting for his region through floods and cyclones and other devastating events, delivering more than $200 million in State and Federal funding in the process. 

His hard work has created local jobs for others – on our roads, in our construction industry, for our tourism industry and for our farmers. 

Now people across the north, from Townsville right through to Mackay, stand to benefit from his abilities as the LNP representative for Dawson. 

Andrew will build on the strong record of delivery from retiring MP George Christensen and continue the fight for our fair share. 

He will fight for local jobs, stand up against unnecessary green tape and hold the state government to account over the ever-increasing price of water and electricity and their lack of action on crime. 

He will back local farmers and fishers, mine workers and tourism operators, small business owners, retirees and local families. 

We need proven leadership ability and experience to secure our future, and that’s what Andrew Willcox will deliver. 

Willcox will deliver!